Patience = Analyze / Optimize = Profit

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Apr 17, 2018
Okay, so I have been fairly busy over the past week or so, but I decided to setup a big batch of Zeropark campaigns yesterday.


I setup so many campaigns that you can't even see them all in this screenshot. I had ~$100 on my account and I spent it all testing a bunch of different offers in the same vertical (download/installs, which is one of my best). While the campaigns were running, I did some analysis as the traffic came in. I started setting up Source campaigns with top performing sources and the segments of traffic that were performing.

I had literally 1 green (ROI positive) campaign.

BUT, I am patient. I analyze the results and then setup a campaign with the optimizations that seemed to make sense.

This morning, I deposited some money in my Zeropark account to run the optimized campaign.


As you can see, things are going a lot better :)

My point of this thread is, you have to be patient, you need to learn how to analyze your traffic and optimize your campaigns. Not every campaign that looks like a loser is a loser.

Look at the segments of
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