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Official Referral Program - Paying Weekly - 25% Commission!

25% recurring commission for life when you refer someone to affLIFT. Get on my list to be paid! Grab your affiliate link here and share it in an affiliate marketing Facebook Group πŸ‘

We're starting 2022 off with the most amount of referral payments as I've ever sent! πŸš€πŸ’°

referral payments.png
Sending out our weekly referral payments! Did you know you can share any affLIFT thread with your referral tag and get credit for new users? Maybe drop a link in a Telegram chat? πŸ€‘

$10 bonus via PayPal to the first person to reply with a screenshot of a referral payment they've received from affLIFT this year :)
Making payments! :D

I think I am going to get some new banners made next week. Anyone need one for their blog or website? Let me know and I'll get my graphics guy to do some custom banners too πŸ‘ πŸš€
Did you know I send out over 2 months of follow up messages to every new registered user to push them to subscribe and see how awesome affLIFT is?

Also, I run a ton of retargeting ads.

If someone signs up under your referral, I am paying quite a bit to get them to subscribe and you still get the commission for that user. For life! :D

Weekly referral payments sent! :)

Just got done sending out this week's referral earnings and it looks like quite a few of you have some good commission coming from our Black Friday promos here on affLIFT!

One of the things I wanted to make sure we had when we created the referral program for affLIFT was a lifetime cookie. If someone registers under your referral link then you will get commission no matter when they finally pay for their membership. Even if it's years later. And, we see that happen pretty often (or someone will get a monthly membership for a few months, cancel, and then resubscribe later). No matter what, you will get commission for ANY payment :D

Speaking of which, we noticed an issue with some of the payment processing tracking on commissions about a month ago. A member pointed it out to me and I looked into it with our dev and sure enough, there was an issue with commissions being added when users used our Stripe payment processor.

I will be adding ALL of the missing commission as soon as we're able to and then immediately paying it out. So, there is a good chance many of you will have bigger PayPal payments coming soon πŸ€‘

The issue we found was fixed weeks ago so all new commissions have been being added just fine (y)

Still working on getting new banners made, but just sent out a pretty big batch of payments! :)