My short journey with trackers



Oct 23, 2021
Was doing well with my testing, and used up my free credits with BeMob. Decided to use CPVlab and install it, and ran a couple of tests. Experienced no conversions especially with the first Pop lesson on the forum. Will go back to BeMob and upgrade, and see if there is a difference. I get the feeling that there are issues with self-hosting especially with ads not showing. My server is fast, but having no conversions - especially with the First Pop tutorial I did - means there is something wrong with ad presentation; hence, the culprit is the tracker since the ads are presented through it.

I did have the CPVlab tracker under SSL, so I will take it off and test again. My cheap ass upgraded to the Pro plan on BeMob, so I am testing 2 trackers now.


The issue is with the ads through the tracker. BeMob showed conversions on the First Pop tutorial. Now, I have to see if https was the issue with
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