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My first push notification campaign. Please advice



Feb 6, 2022
Hello all,

About three days ago, I tried to launch a test campaign with the details below,

Traffic source: ProppellerAds
Pricing model: CPA Goal
Daily budget: $15
Vertical: Sweeptakes (sub mobile content)
Payout: $0.8
Aff Network: Golden Goose
Target: ZA
Ad format: Push notification
Landing page: 2
Creatives: 3

And this is the result (BeMob)

This is the analytics rom Golden Goose

Today, I do some adjustment to optimize the campaign on browser type, OS version and I cut off the top 5 of the most expensive traffic sources with no conversion.

The question is, should I continue and optimize the campaign? I'm not pretty sure, since @servandosilva said in one his threads that the one with ROI > 80% is pretty hard to optimize, and mine is near to it.

Any input
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