MagicAdz | Best-In-Class Facebook Spy Tool for Affiliates

Hi guys! We’re glad to be here and to announce MagicAdz the best FB spy tool on the market. :cool:
We're scanning thousands of ads every day more than any current spy tool and use a custom algorithm to uncover affiliate ads . With dozens of signals used and thousands of ads scanned we are uncovering more ads than any human could ever dream of. With 1 simple click you can:
  • See affiliate ads only be it cloaked or uncloaked.

  • See the money page and download it

  • Find out all the info you need about the ad

  • Use the most powerful search features and search inside ads comments landing pages and redirect path.

  • See e-commerce ads Shopify woo-commerce Magento you name it…
You can check a quick video of us in action here. ) The subscription price is 299 a month...
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