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Follow Along Journey To $100/Day with PPV Traffic source.


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Other question I wanted to ask was this still the same offer or did you find other offers working well to hit the mark your at now?
I have tested more than 100 offers. Among them i got few winning offers. On the journey most of my winning offer were shut down. I have to keep testing many offers to make stable profit.
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it's real?
why don't you show the clicks? i'm very curious about how many clicks you got with $118 costs.
Yes it is real bro. I didn't show clicks because on that side of pic i have my campaign details.
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Thats some insane ROI, well done (y)

Glad you got it profitable, just shows that keep testing and not giving up with eventually bring the results. I am having the opposite to you I cant get profitable on ZP but can with Tonic.
I am planning to Fund Tonic with $100 , can you let me know what offers are working good for you on Tonic ? I will create a campaign on Tonic and also create a Follow Along as soon i get a response from you. Thanks in advance.


At first ,I started with Zeropark and optimized it on other top ppv traffic sources. Voluum is my tracker.
Thank you Bishal for your response !!!

In case, it is not a secret ..can you please elaborate on what do you mean when you say "..optimised it on other top ppv traffic sources" .If that is too much of information that is fine do not worry about it.



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Thank you Bishal for your response !!!

In case, it is not a secret ..can you please elaborate on what do you mean when you say "..optimised it on other top ppv traffic sources"
HI, Sorry for late replay. My subscription was expired at that time and i was busy in traveling so I didn't renew it . I meant to say that, After I got winning campaign I started to buy traffic from other traffic sources also like Propeller, Popcash, Popads, Rtx etc. :)


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Hi There,

I am Bishal from Nepal. I am very glad to be a member of this forum. @Luke is doing great for us. I really appreciate his effort. I am getting many useful information from this forum and now its time to take action and make some money.

Little bit history of me
I am not a newbie. I already made some money with Affiliate Marketing but now things didn't go as plan so I am struggling to get success with Affiliate Marketing. Now I want to start from beginning. I make a commitment within myself that, I am never gonna give up. Now its time to take massive action.:cool:

In this Journey I am going to use various Affiliate Networks and Traffic Sources. In the beginning I am going to start with direct linking Mobidea Smartlink offer in PPV traffic sources. I already top up fund on ZeroPark and Tonic. Also, Already setup tracking software Voluum and launched few campaign targeting different Geo's, Operator , Browser etc. Among them I got one conversion yesterday.:D
Here it is
View attachment 226

I am gonna let it run for few days to collect data. I am going to upload regularly about this journey.
Thank you :).
Great Mindset, keep it up you will succeed!


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Any updates Bishal? I am curious if the original campaign still going strong? How long has the campaign lasted if we may know? And how is your earnings now, is it higher? Thank you for this inspiring journey.