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How to Track Conversions Server-to-server



Super Contributor
Jun 19, 2018
Hey there!

Today I wanted to cover a very important topic in this privacy-friendly age - Server-side Tracking. We all know that pixels are not that trustworthy anymore. The tracking is not accurate.

Server-side tracking (of Server-to-server tracking) is an alternative method to use this day for accurate tracking complying with all the privacy regulations. If you used Pixel before, it is time to learn about S2S tracking and adjust to the new normal for marketers - the world without 3rd party cookies. Even though Pixel will not disappear anywhere and will continue working, the results will not be as accurate as with S2S tracking.

What is S2S tracking?

Server-to-server conversion tracking doesn’t use 3rd party cookies. A unique ID is generated each time a user clicks on your ad. Thanks to the Unique ID, it is easy to identify each click and conversion. S2S also gives you information such as:
  • browser
  • location
  • data&time
  • OS
Which gives you a better understanding of where and how the conversion happened while following privacy-friendly regulations. Wanna learn more about S2S tracking? Check out our latest video!
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