How to Estimate Daily Cohort Revenue: New Feature


Super Contributor
Aug 1, 2019

Meet the new ProPush feature — Daily Cohort Revenue!

It is a brand new way to analyze the payback of your daily cohorts –– all users who subscribed at a specific date. With Daily Cohort Revenue, you can now quickly check how much you earn from a chosen daily cohort and how much this cohort brings you while its users keep interacting with push notifications.

How Does It Work?

When you open your Statistics and switch to the Subscription Date tab, you will see the following table:


Each row shows a cohort of users who subscribed to your push notifications on a particular date. Let’s suppose today is the 28 of February and look at the highlighted row:


This row shows you that the cohort of users you brought on 06.02.2024 has generated $145,8 in total for now (till 28 February). The Days columns help you understand how quickly this cohort generated this revenue:
  • It brought 71,6% of the total revenue on
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