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Follow Along Galaksion + RollerAds Push Subs = PROFIT?!?

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Apr 17, 2018
I'm a little late to the party, but I started testing collecting RollerAds push subs after seeing quite a few members doing well with it :)

Traffic Source: Galaksion
Affiliate Network: RollerAds (push subs), Monetizer, and Zeydoo (explained below)
Tracker: Voluum

I am using my own landing page to collect push subscribers from the US for RollerAds. From my testing, I will likely see close to $0.10 LTV per sub. So, I setup a CPA bid campaign on Galaksion for US subs with a CPA of $0.05.

The only conversion I am tracking on my landing page is the push sub (what will be sent to Galaksion). However, I am using BackUnder and some other monetization on the landing page to try to increase my actual revenue per sub. I'm tracking that in a separate campaign in Voluum.

I've already collection hundreds of thousands of push subs using Galaksion but this seems like a good strategy to test that could lead to more long term revenue (hopefully).

The "extra" revenue I mentioned will come from Monetizer and Zeydoo smartlinks. I'll likely test other options if this looks like it has potential.

I may also test other push sub companies :D

Let's see
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