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Official FrankTrax Network - CPA/CPL Network, Ultimate Smartlink Solutions, Hundreds Of Offers Worldwide



Super Contributor
Apr 6, 2019
Hey there. Ready to Make Some Money?

FrankTrax Network is the top adult dating oriented CPL network which provides more than 350 direct offers with the best payout rates, covering more than 150 countries.

We are proud to have built a great reputation over 7+ years of monetizing our vast digital connections. We love that our affiliates love us.

Why Work With The FrankTrax Network?


We’re hustlers, too.

Over the last 7 years, we’ve tried just about everything to maximize profits and pass that knowledge on to you.

Back in 2013 we created the first ever adult dating smartlink offer. Yeah. That was us. Since then, we’ve been perfecting it.

How did we go from 0 to over 6000 active affiliates using our services?

On Time - Weekly - High Payouts

What are your revenue goals? Get there faster with the FrankTrax Network.

On Time Weekly Payouts so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor (almost) immediately.

On Time Weekly Payouts so you have the funds to scale when things are going well.

The money you’ve earned is wired directly to your bank account or through one
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