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What if instead of focusing on one niche, you opted to become an expert in one traffic source? This is not unheard of and is actually a smart thing to do. However, most affiliate networks are divided into just desktop and mobile traffic. What if you want to narrow further down, for instance, into social media?

If you’re looking for a network that provides offers purely for social media traffic, then FrankTrax is for you. This network is the only one of its kind in the affiliate marketing industry.

Established in 2013, FrankTrax has helped social media influencers and media buyers make money out of their traffic. To date, they have generated almost $3.4 million in revenue from more than 1.1 million leads. They have received almost 49 million clicks to their websites and offers.

FrankTrax Features and Benefits​


Hundreds of High-Converting Offers​

There is no shortage of products, services, and other types of offers within the FrankTrax network. They currently hold more than 350 direct offers, and accept traffic from 150 countries worldwide.

In order to improve their offer conversion rate for traffic coming from social media networks, which are well known for being very strict, FrankTrax provides landing pages that are suitable for these platforms. Each affiliate receives his own mini-site and domain name to direct his traffic to so that he will not experience any link banning from social networks.

Done-For-You Solutions​

If all you want is to set up links and start running campaigns, you will not be disappointed with FrankTrax. Here are several features of this network that proves you can immediately start making money with them if you have the traffic:
  • Auto-optimized Smartlinks - there would be no need to test which offer works best. Simply send your traffic to one link and the network will do the rest. Their technology will send your traffic to the offer that has proven to work best based on your own traffic’s past data.
  • Landing Page Rotator/Optimizer - there are multiple landing page templates available within FrankTrax, but they won’t leave you to decide which one to run. Just like how the Smartlink works, your traffic will be sent to the landing page that has a better track record than the rest.
  • Standard Affiliate Links - if you have seen that one offer performs really well, you can single that out. All you have to do is get its standard affiliate link so that you can create a new campaign for this offer alone.

FrankTrax Payouts and Bonuses​

This network sends payouts on a weekly basis, at a very low threshold of $50 worth of earnings. Payouts can be wired directly to your bank account or sent to your PayPal account.

Aside from the regular earnings, FrankTrax shows their appreciation to their affiliates by giving them the chance to get additional bucks at the end of the month. The monthly bonus starts at $40 for $2,000 worth of revenue. The higher your earnings, the bigger the bonus.

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