Guide First Impression of Mondiad



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Apr 17, 2018
Mondiad has been pretty active on the forum since joining (including doing a $1000 giveaway last month) so I decided to check them out and they left a pretty good first impression so I thought I would share 😃

While Mondiad is new to me, the team behind it is the same team that created PopCash and I've used PopCash on and off for a LONG time. Almost as long as PopAds. So, I was not surprised when I joined Mondiad and found they have a great self-serve ad platform.

First off, Mondiad focuses primarily on push traffic. Considering it's never-ending popularity, that is not a surprise. They have both classic push notifications and in-page push.


Their system makes it easy to separate them (and recommends it) which is really important because the two types of push traffic perform completely different on most campaigns. And, their reports do make it pretty easy to optimize through both types of campaign (I'll show an example below).

Another thing I really like about their campaign creation process is how you set your targeting:


It is all in one box and I found it quick and efficient for going through and setting up
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