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Mondiad Push

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Mondiad Push
Take your ads around the world with Mondiad!
If you're looking for a new way to increase traffic to your offers, we are a match!

We are an innovative, self-serve ad network with global coverage, traffic for all verticals as well as unique, lucrative perks. We started our journey in the industry more than 10 years ago, with our cornerstone project, popunder network, PopCash.

Mondiad Push Features​

Mondiad has always been about connecting the right people with the right offers, and our features for push notification ads are no different. With the ability to target your key audience more granularly than before, we make it easier than ever to get your offers in front of the right people.

The targeting options include:
  • Countries
  • Carriers
  • IP
  • Device type
  • Browser
  • Browser Language
  • Operating Systems
  • Subscription Age
  • Traffic type
  • Domain
  • ZoneId
  • SubId

Push Formats
Mondiad has two types of push notification ads: classic push notification ads and in-page push ads.

Classic push ads are the more traditional form, where a user is shown an ad that looks like a regular notification on their device, even when they are not using an app or browsing a website.

On the other hand, in-page push ads are displayed side by side with a web page's content. These ads have the look and feel of a classic push ad but with the benefit of appearing on all kinds of devices — Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and more.

Push Bidding
- Whether you prefer the performance-driven CPC model or the cutting-edge efficiency of the smart bidding algorithm of targetCPA, we got you covered.
- Additionally, take note that we also offer the option to perform even more granular bidding via custom bidding by ZoneID, SubID, or Country.

Traffic for all verticals, devices, and GEOs:
- Our traffic caters to all business sizes, goals, budgets, countries and industries(both mainstream & adult traffic).
- Similarly, we provide a high volume of traffic as well as global coverage to suit every need. You can check our traffic inventory in real-time, on our website.

All the right tools in one place:
Whether you are a newbie or an industry veteran, you`ll find here all the tools you need for guaranteed results, from key perks like Traffic Fraud Detection, Advanced Report System or Advanced Targeting Options, to complex features to fine-tune your earnings.

With just a $50 minimum deposit, you have full control over your campaigns and a plethora of optimisation tools like Smart Optimization Rules, Blacklist/Whitelist Targeting, Campaign Audiences, Built-in Event Tracker if you want to pay for a third party and a wide variety of direct integrations with Conversion Trackers.

And when you need a helping hand, we are here as well:
- Use our blog to power-up your knowledge with top tips and inside data on how to scale up your business and maximize results!
- Check our Help Center to get step-by-step technical know-how on how to use the Mondiad network at its full potential.
- And last but not least, the support team is working on the clock to assist you with all your questions.

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Haven't worked a lot with the network but the traffic is good quality. It is from the same guys that are behind popcash.

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