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FB Dayparting for Pay per Call Offers


Nov 11, 2023
I am currently generating calls with FB ads for life insurance. I am getting calls in but a lot of them are outside of the call center hours.

I am using a daily budget right now and running ads 24/7, I was just hoping that the algo would learn that I only convert during certain times and allocate spend accordingly.

The way I see it is that I have three options on how to run ads:

1.) Continue with daily budget and just hope I start converting more often during call center hours

2.) Add rules to my campaign so the ads are turned on and off based on call center hours

3.) Switch to lifetime budget so I can use native dayparting

I would do the lifetime budget but I'm concerned in restarting the learning stage every 30 days or so as I launch new campaigns.

What would be the
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