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Easy Passive Income


Active member
@Apollo I'm starting to think the subs are "free" as everyone is using Option 2 lately (as part of their normal affiliate campaigns and collecting on the side passively)
I think it’s the only way it can work (be extremely profitable), especially for Tier 1 subs.


Thought this was worth posting: $1-3 CPMs from 19.5k active USA subs

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How long does this last and how do you get such a high CTR? The CTR can't last like that long and people will unsubscribe, that being said this is very impressive from only a few thousand subscribers.

I keep wondering if having the push frequency more like no more than 4-6 times a day would lead to less unsubscribes and people more ready to click as they're not being constantly bombarded by ads. However others have told me that sometimes these people are subscribed to more than one push list and those people may not being hesitating to blast them push notifications, in which case we just copy them or get less revenue. I just feel like over time won't push eventually go the way of banner ads as people get blinded to the constant ads?