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Click URL Making Affiliate Link Fail

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May 5, 2018
A puzzling thing has occurred.

I've been running an affiliate program for several years using SEO; it's always been successful, but slow, so I wanted to boost it by using paid traffic.

SO I set it up using Popcash and Bemob.

All was well until it was tested. and it went to a 500 error page.

In the tracker the offer URL is set up using my affiliate link. This goes to the offer page (at the same time identifying me as the affiliate).

Bemob say it is my affiliate link which is wrong (but it can't be because that works 100% every time).

What is true is that introducing the affiliate link to the tracker causes the tracker to send visitors to the 500 error page. But why?

I have sent this same question to the merchant running the offer, but they are not an affiliate network; that one offer is what they do, and they have an affiliate program incidentally to that. So I don't think they'll be able to solve the problem.

Is this familiar to anyone? Does anyone know why this is happening and how it could be
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