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Official BroPush - profitable traffic monetization via push notifications | 97% RevShare



Sep 20, 2021

Hi there, we’re happy to announce that we now work with foreign publishers and affiliates!

What’s BroPush and what makes it the best option for main/additional traffic monetization?

BroPush is an international affiliate program that monetizes sites with any traffic, our main monetization formats are push, ios push, deeplink and trafficback

Why should you monetize your traffic with BroPush?
  1. You monetize each subscriber over a long period of time and make stable profits off of them
  2. BroPush has the highest RevShare on the market - 80-97%, meaning that the webmaster receives 80-97% of the cost of a click (other APs offer 60-70%), unprecedented terms!
  3. It’s also a profitable and safe additional (or main) traffic monetization method.
  4. Push notifications can be smoothly combined with Adsense and other ad formats, and work seamlessly with all topics and CMSs.
  5. They allow you to monetize each one of your visitors and not miss out on any profits, since users only need to click "Allow" once to be added to your subscriber base and start receiving ads.

After that, each of your subscribers will receive several ads per day, while you will receive $$$ for each
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