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AFFCigs Doesn't Pay



Super Contributor
Oct 31, 2018
I'm letting everyone know here to be very careful with dealing with Richard, Abed, and Sheeban from the affiliate program Affcigs.

They contacted me back at the end of last year and wanted me to become an affiliate. We said sure why not and we sent them some traffic (not a huge amount but a couple of grand worth). I got a couple of small payments and thought everything was fine. However, after reconciling some old affiliate accounts it seems they owed us some money so i reached out. 3 months go by and they have ghosted me. Finally, Richard gets back to me after being away on a long apparent vacation saying he has to run it by his compliance department. Come on man! What a joke LOL!

Anyway it's only a $1k loss so not the end of the world but i just hate it when people pull this shit. Just a heads up to the community here not to deal with these clowns and send them any traffic.

All the best


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