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Advices From A Newbie To A Newbie


New member
I have been on this forum for about a month now, started a few followalongs, tested some offers on different sources and today I would like to share my learnings so far with all the beginners starting out so they can avoid the mistakes and get started in the right direction :)

My suggestions to all the beginners:

- Start with Pop traffic as they are cheap and won't dig a big hole in your pocket during the learning process. You will gain some confidence in the process when you see few conversions coming your way. You don't have to worry about creatives with this traffic type, which is good for learning at the initial stage.

- Go with the big reputable sources that have been operating for some years now like ZeroPark and Propeller. They would have more campaign settings and optimization options than the others.

- Instead of picking up an offer at the learning stage, go with smartlink rotators from YTZ or Monetizer. As they would have 1000's of offers for almost every geo and alot more data to optimize which offers work the best for which geo, language, connection & device type etc.

- Bid the minimum! And increase the bid slowly each day to reach the desired volume. That way you won't blow up your budget and can optimize each day with whatever data is coming in.

- Use a tracker, you will have no clue without it. I have been using Bemob as it has a terrific free plan to start with.

- If you using smart link rotators, go with world wide traffic. After spending $10-$20 you will have the data with which geos to go after.

- Create a separate campaign for mobile and desktop always and test both! They both work very differently and have different bids as well.

- When studying data look for the following:

Connection Type/ISP
Device Vendors
OS/OS Versions
Browser/Browser Versions

Sort the data cost wise to see which segment is eating up most of the cost and can be excluded.

At the end of the test, sort the data revenue wise to see with which segments a separate campaign can be created.

- Don't be quick to cut the source ID. Start by excluding some of the other variables mentioned above.

- Create a follow along thread, work on your campaigns daily for even 15 mins and update the thread daily to keep track of your progress and get suggestions from other members in the forum.

Above are my learnings so far, others can be different. But it will be great if other newbies in the forum can also chip in with their learnings , as beginners can relate more with beginners I guess.

Good Luck Everyone (y) Be Consistent and Be Persistent!
Good advice! Thanks for sharing.


Well-known member
Yeah.. I realize that, but I was thinking something like the black screen lander in purelander that just says something like "CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE".
Actually i have been noticing a lot of these prelanders running in multiple variations, so it's definitely worth a try. Good luck and give us a shout after you tried it, would love to hear on if you made it work :)