Official Adavice DSP - Pops



Jan 18, 2022
Adavice DSP - Pops

Get high-quality pops and redirect traffic with Adavice DSP. Pops are perfect for getting massive traffic volumes at a cheaper price. Use our built-in whitelists for pops to maximize your profit. Traffic is filtered through anti-fraud tools to make sure you will get the best quality!

Start your pop campaign with Adavice DSP, get high-quality traffic, and constant support from our manager providing effective insights for your offers.

Adavice DSP Pops Features

High Quality Inventory
  • Over 3 billion ad impressions worldwide
  • Traffic segments (premium, standard, remnant, new)
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Recommended bids for your specific targeting
  • Direct domain traffic

Wide Targeting Options
  • Geo Location: country, city, region
  • Daily and total campaign budget
  • Traffic segments divided by user performance - premium, standard, remnant, new;
  • Device
  • Operating system
  • Browser & Language
  • Connection type
  • Mobile ISP /carrier
  • Campaign scheduling (days and time)
  • Clicks & impressions capping per user

Best Optimization Tools
  • Auto Optimization rules
  • Custom bidding per targeting segment with our Microbidding tool
  • Black/whitelisting option for various traffic segment (sources, os, IPs)
  • Reporting panel with live statistics

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