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Account closed on Exoclick



Jan 30, 2023
Hey guys, I recently created a new campaign on ExoClick and it went into pending status. It was my first time creating a campaign there and after a few hours I received an email that I failed account verification and my account was closed. I contacted them for information but they stopped responding to me, and stated they can't share details because of security reasons.

I checked again my funnel, my landing page and tracking domain was clean on virustotal. Landing page is a simple 2 click flow, asking if a user is of legal age, then continue to the offer page. I've also added a back button script to the landing page (not sure if this causes the issue, I read the rules and I saw auto redirection etc. without user permission is not allowed but I don't know if back button counts as one). Also read here somewhere, offer fallback might also be the problem if user is not viewing from the specific geo. I was running a push subscription offer. In their rules, it was allowed but not more than one and saw follow alongs here running same offers on ExoClick
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