A: Why Revshare? + tips

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Nov 25, 2018
I get asked about how and why I started in revshare so I decided to make this post.

Why revshare.

I started promoting on revshare because I guessed that these brands in webcams, casinos, etc. have to be making quite a bit of money off the long-term-value of the customer even after the CPA network and affiliate get paid. Otherwise they would go out of business!

I was also looking for a way to add some predictability to my affiliate income each month. I knew that with enough spending customers I could predict with more certainty what my paycheck would look like.

There are a few benefits.

Focusing on revshare has really allowed me to simplify as it allows me to focus on one metric. I don't really pay attention to whether it's a $7 or $17 payout any more. My focus is on making my overall cost per signup less than it was for a previous comparable period. I have seen that number go up and down with broad changes in the economy and I have enough data collected to not freak out when it happens.

There are no offer caps. I really don't like living
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