MaxConv Tracker
Get a powerful tracker with reasonable price, fast global speed, integrated with fb/tiktok/google/microsoft ads, anti-fraud, google-certified and more

❤️ I'm Impressed with Maxconv Tracker!



Apr 21, 2023
Hi Everyone! I have used Binom as my primary Tracker in my Whole Affiliate Marketing Journey, Working with Worldwide campaigns on Binom seems so difficult for me, Because of it's self hosted nature. So, tried other trackers also like Voluum and @BeMob . I am not big fan of Volumm and their Pricing. Recently their Performance also not upto the mark IMO as per @dood speed test. Check that post here!

Last couple of months I've used Bemob Tracker. No complaints here, except their pricing! Individual pricing for Every features including Campaigns, Landers and offers too. Imagine! buying a tracker to work with campaigns, but you are not able to create campaigns after limit as per their plan!


Buying each and every feature we need as an addon, i don't know what's happening nowadays o_O:cry:. Imaging buying a car and you are not able to drive that more than 1 hour per day, to do that we have to pay extra for each hour, for horn we have to pay extra, for indicators we have to pay extra. so stupid as it sounds :sneaky:

So, my Hunt to the tracker continued... After reading @dood's
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