Case Study ⚡ I've tested redirect speeds for 6 different trackers. Here are my results! 📈



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May 2, 2018
In 2020, Voluum decided to test the redirect speeds of a few trackers. They posted their results here. If you try to open the Google Docs file they shared, you’ll notice it’s not working (at least for me).


So, I’ve decided to do my own test, using GTMetrix as they did.


I will test 6 different trackers in this case study; 3 free trackers and 3 paid trackers.

  1. BeMob - offers a free plan with 100 000 events included
  2. Skro - offers a free plan with 250 000 events included
  3. MaxConv - offers a free plan with 150 000 events included
  4. PeerClick - they recently introduced a free plan for all Afflift users with 500 000 events included. Normally, their pricing starts at $199 per month.
  5. Voluum - they are not active on forums as they used to be, but I’ve included them in this test as well. Voluum pricing starts at $199 per month.
  6. FunnelFlux Pro - they offer a plan with 2 000 000 events for $99 per month.

How did I test

I used the default tracking domains that you get for free with each tracker.


  1. BeMob -


  • results.pdf
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