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Any affiliate knows that when it comes to running a successful campaign, organization is key. There are so many moving parts to an affiliate campaign — from the ads themselves to the offers and landing pages — that it can be tough to keep track of everything. Without a tracking and integration tool, affiliates would be flying blind, and it would be very difficult to run a successful campaign.

The problem with most affiliate trackers is that they typically focus on media buying affiliates and not website publishers. If you're promoting affiliate offers through a content website while running ads at the same time, you would need an automated tracking and integration tool that can handle both. That's where wecantrack comes in.

wecantrack is a cutting-edge data consolidation, attribution and integration tool that allows affiliate marketers to automatically track their conversions and push them into various marketing tools and ad networks they are using. Launched in 2019, wecantrack has quickly become a go-to solution for thousands of affiliate marketers and web publishers looking to improve their performance.

wecantrack Features​

With wecantrack you can aggregate, attribute and integrate conversions from more than 250 affiliate networks, platforms, and programs. This includes affiliate networks that use Tune, Cake, and Everflow performance marketing platforms.

You can also link to direct advertiser programs like ExpressVPN, GoDaddy, and Apple Partner Program. Likewise, you can monitor conversions from popular eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon Affilliates, eBay, and AliExpress.

Connecting your affiliate network or program is as simple as 1-2-3: you just need to link your account via API or Postback URL, and you're done!

They provide publishers with an easy to use and fully automated system, without the need to generate any links or having to constantly update the content or set up. After connecting networks, websites and following the steps from the integrations they offer, conversions can automatically be integrated in various ad networks and marketing tools.


Multiple Ad Network Integrations​

In addition to consolidating conversions and reporting and attributing them to session data, wecantrack automatically integrates them in several ad networks. This includes:

Customizable Affiliate Dashboard and Reports​

Publishers can fully customize their affiliate dashboard and reports to keep track of the key KPIs that matter most to them. The Data Studio integration of wecantrack makes it easy to create and customize reports for you and your team to dive deep into your performance data.

There are several standard reports available, including:
  • Advertiser and Transaction Reports
  • Network Reports
  • Transaction Statuses
  • Website and Traffic Source Report
  • Landing Page Report
  • Click Page Report
  • Campaign and Content Reports

Data Integration and Conversion Attribution​

Their software also integrates with Google Analytics (Universal and GA4), Zapier, Data Studio and BigQuery so publishers can have their conversion data available in all the marketing tools and applications they use on a daily basis. Especially their Google Analytics Integration feature is popular in the affiliate industry since it fully attributes conversion data to any available dimension within Google Analytics, making it the ultimate affiliate data analysis platform.

This is especially useful if you're running a website and want to dive into how your affiliate campaigns, landing pages and overall content is performing. It also works great for monitoring funnels and analyzing the part of the funnel that needs to be improved.

For Media Buyers they recommend that you lead the user to your own landing page or website first, but having a website is not required to use their system. They can also automatically track and integrate conversions from direct linking campaigns for the following ad networks:

wecantrack Pricing​

wecantrack offers three plans: Small, Medium, and Advanced Affiliate. All of these plans have a 30-day free trial.

Their differences are as follows:

Small Affiliate - priced at €50, it allows up to 20 network accounts, 500 tracked conversions, 25 thousand clicks, and 100 thousand sessions.

Medium Affiliate - priced at €100, it allows users to connect an unlimited number of network accounts and send up to 5,000 transactions. Clicks and sessions for this plan are five times that of the Small Affiliate plan.

Advanced Affiliate - priced at €200, affiliates can send up to 50 thousand transactions, 750 thousand clicks, and three million sessions.

If these plans aren't enough, you can contact wecantrack for a customized plan.

Subscriptions are monthly by default and payable via credit card. For annual subscriptions and other payment options, you must reach out to wecantrack via email, Skype, or contact form.

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