Hello everyone! Haven’t posted here for a while and we missed that, so today we are gladly presenting a new CASE STUDY on how to work with FACEBOOK and SOI VOUCHERS. These offers are among the easiest ones to convert, and can deliver steady profits with no account hustle. The Case-study has been shared by one of our partners who wished to remain anonymous.

Further, the story will be conducted in the first person.


Case Study Campaign Details:​

Revenue: $8719,87
Cost: $6318,74
Profit: $2401,13
ROI: 34%
GEO: Germany
Network: CMaffiliates

For a very long time I’ve been working with Sweeps CC submits, so one day I decided to try something new, something that is going to be banned less within FB traffic source, as at some point I’d been quite tired of coping with the pressure of the account bans, and managing the infrastructure.
So after a short consultation with the Cmaffs’ manager, the choice was made: freshly baked SOI/ leadgen voucher offer tailored specifically to my needs.
It looked pretty similar to what I already know how to work with, but unlike CC offers, user has to just submit an email, as simple as that. No credit card submits, no additional data, nothing, just plain email, and boom, conversion is in your pocket with the payout of 1- 4EUR. This significantly reduces the degree of close attention to your traffic from Facebook bots, a piece of cake with the ability to massively scale.

The selection of SOI leadgen sweepstakes offers is quite broad: iphones, samsungs, amazon gift cards, local shop’s gift cards, and many-many more. The most popular, as a rule, are the offers to win a gift card or a promo set from a well-known brand. The choice of geo is also quite diverse — almost all of Western Europe, America, Asia. My choice fell on Germany, since, on the recommendation of the manager, this geo consistently holds the first place in terms of volume, and CR in this vertical. Amazon, Ebike (electric bike), Hunkemoller and Balea offers were taken for test. According to Cmaffs’ stats they showed good performance. So before starting a promotion, I decided to go to Spy services to look for hints and ideas on HOW others promote these types of offers. A small piece of advise advice: never copy paste other affiliates’ promo and creatives ( you probably heard that a gazillion times, but still), do something on YOUR OWN. Experiment, and come up with a slight twist of what has been already out there.

After 3 hours of parsing and analyzing the search results, playing with the keys and unwinding different chains of the tool's search algorithm, a view of the offer funnels was formed. The main goal of any leadgen approach is to hook the user with a simple task, by completing which he will receive a prize. This way the engagement of the user is triggered, and the time spent by the user within the quest leaves less desire to quit the opt in step. In other words, the user has already invested some time into the funnel, so he/she is more eager to go to the very end. So re-phrasing it — the more the user is warmed up the the deeper in the funnel he/she will go, therefore the better of a traffic this user is , and last but not least the higher payout you will get from the advert for this type of traffic at the end of the day. Hope I’m not overcomplicating it for you :)

Several pre-landers-questionnaires were selected with different playing out of the situation. As a result, the questionnaire went best without unnecessary design in the form of reviews and so on, which is disguised as a brand, and offers to take part in the research and win prizes for it. The survey consists of simple questions, like: "Your gender?" "Your age?" "Are you familiar with the brand?" and stuff like that. After completing this quiz, the user is already sent to the offer's landing page, where they make registration for which you are paid. As for creatives, everything is simple: shop windows / gift cards / brand products with signatures promising to get it for free. As a result, having played with the above offers, with promotions taken from the spy tools, the Hunkemoller brand proved to be the best, and all efforts were further concentrated on it.





And the stats:


My offer successfully lived for 2 months, earning decent money for the little effort spent. Unfortunately, screenshots from Facebook cannot be provided, since the accounts, although much less often, were banned. But the account that lived for such long is still a huuuuge plus.

On average, ROI on this vertical, of course, is not as juicy as in Crypto or Gambling verticals, but you can still count on steady 25-40%, but due to a weaker trigger for Facebook, it may be easier to earn more with optimization. After that, I had already started working on my promotions and landing pages with extensive tests of other offers, and the case was intended to show that just a desire and a spy tool can still do a lot of interesting things!

Hope you enjoyed this brief Case-study , and may all the profits be with you :)

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