Hello everyone! This is CMaffiliates (read the official CMaffiliates review here on affLIFT 🚀) and we would like to share the experience of our partners with SMS traffic. The guys asked to remain anonymous, but they show the entire campaign step by step.

If after the case you still have questions, feel free to write them in the comments, we will be happy to share the best practices that our partners provided to us.


Every big or midsize Media Buying team faces the problem of monetizing their data. The one they have been generating for years. As a media buying company we’ve been working in FX/Crypto/Financials Niches for a long time. Throughout this period we’ve generated a good portion of several millions leads, that are stacked up and waiting for their time.

We’ve tried various ways to monetize it in the past: E-mails, setting up our own call centers to warm up the leads, so we can pass the hot leads to brokers afterwards, tried to cross-sell to other verticals, etc.

The one way I’m gonna talk about today is re-vitalizing old DB with SMS.

One of the most significant keys to success here is choosing the SMS Routing partner.
We’ve recently discovered a new company that literally “humiliated” all the other partners we’ve used in the past by the performance they managed to give us.

At first glance, all partners provide approximately the same statistics on the number of delivered SMS, open-rate, click-rate, etc., but in reality, in terms of conversion, the results with our last partners made us VERY pleased. And my conclusion is based upon hundreds and hundreds of thousands of SMS sent.

After the case and indicators, you can find links to the SMS Route Providers that we used, we strongly recommend using these guys, because their roots and delivery rates were strongly impressed, again, all in terms of the $$$ that we earned with them.

The very essence of the process is quite simple:
  • upload the DB to your computer in CSV / XLS format
  • remove all unnecessary columns leaving only First Name / Phone number and in some cases the city or any additional parameters that are useful in order to better hook the user up (such as the city from which the user came, device, etc.)
  • upload DB (DataBase to the platform for sending SMS https://prnt.sc/26nyahg) in our case to 23telecom.net
  • write the text (IMPORTANT) — try to avoid splitting your message into 2 or more messages. The text should be capacious and short to fit in one message along with the tracklink, otherwise you risk drastically reducing the click2lead conversion rate. Like, for example, in this case:
  • here you can see that 38 messages will be divided into two, respectively, the probability that these users will follow the link tends to zero. In this situation we could not do otherwise because the purpose of the test was to determine how better people would respond if they appealed to their hometown.
  • CONCLUSION mailing in Canada with the personalization of the city — the click rate was average, the inclusion of the city in the mailing did not give us any noticeable results, but in our industry everything is decided by tests — it was definitely worth a try.
Well, for dessert, the conclusions — here are the metrics with screenshots from the Network (CMaffiliates) with some of our campaigns:

General campaign stats​



and here are a few screenshots from the 23telecom.net platform itself, which we used to send SMS and which we strongly recommend to anyone who needs to monetize their databases around the world.


The text for UK looked like this:
- Hello {firstname}, I'm Heremy, 29 y.o. , and here is how I earn 1159 pounds per day [tracking link].
- here we used the sender's name Way2Earn — moneymaking story is aimed at users who want to earn money quickly.


The text for Canada was like this:
- HI {Firstname}, I'm Jackson from {custom1}, here is how I earn 1047 CAD per day [tracking_url]
- In the {custom1} parameter, we pulled up the city from which the user came from in order to personalize the message even more.

Final SMS campaign conclusions:​

1 - We got an ROI of about 7000% with a big potential to scale, but one must count in that this is a post-monetization of old databases, on which funds have already been spent. The purchased ones will, of course, show slightly more modest results.

2 - SMS traffic has a huge potential, regulation is at a minimum, you can push through a SUPER AGGRESSIVE PROMO, the main thing is to choose the right key components:

- SMS-Routes with an excellent delivery rate, operational support and a user-friendly interface (in our case, 23telecom.net). Many thanks to the guys for the work they do. The effectiveness of our newsletters has increased many times, which affected the profit, in the end.

- Affiliate network with a wide range of brokers that convert well. Here the guys from CmAffs.com never cease to please with their performance. 15% — UK and almost 10% — Canada, the highest rates among all of the CPA Networks we’ve used.

- Database
a) you can use your own if your media buy is large enough and worked on the API for some time, leaving yourself leads.
b) purchase bases. On the Internet you can find a ton of sellers, you will have to spend some money on tests, but on average — sellers charge from a few tens of cents to several dollars / lead, depending on the quality. Also the price depends on the amount of information you buy. If these are 2-3 fields (name-phone number) — such a base should not be expensive.
- a little creativity, which I'm sure you have in excess.

Good luck and profit to all!