Many of you have known about the Facebook lead form traffic for a long time. You can get cheap users from there. The form works great for white niches where you can collect live leads. But today we will share with you the experience of our affiliates on how to use this format in gray niches.
It’s CMaffiliates in da house, let's do it!

Case Study Campaign Details​

Traffic Source: Facebook lead form + SMS
Affiliate Network: CMaffiliates
Geo: Hong Kong
Cost: $7379
Revenue: $11700
Profit: $4321
ROI: 58%

The logic is pretty simple:

Step 1. We create a “white” lead form to attract people who want to make money / invest, then collect their contacts (name, email and phone number, and then download to any CSV.

Step 2. We make an SMS-mailing with a link to a crypto-offer.

We won’t go into the details of setting up a lead form, the Internet is full of clear guides on how to do it correctly, so we believe in you.

As already mentioned, our form had 3 fields — name, email and phone.

The text of the Facebook promo itself, one way or another, easily hinted to the user about free money.

You can see examples below:
  • HK people found the way for better life.
  • People from HK now can afford more.
  • New source for people in HK.
Graphic pictures illustrated earnings — we used attributes related to making money and joyful emotions (also you can try Bitcoin symbols, etc.).

We also attach examples:






Twice a day the data base from the FB was downloaded to CSV, and imported into the SMS distribution service. If you do it more regularly the chances that your leads are fresher is higher. So we highly advise it to do as often as possible/

2. The text of the SMS-mailing was as follows:
  • Your chance to multiply your savings __link__
  • Turn 250 $ to 5000 $ Learn more here __link__
  • Your link how make x5-x10 on your savings __link__
The link led directly to the landing (without the pre-landing).

FB lead-forms did not exceeded $3. So we got the following statistics:


As you can see, using a fairly simple tactic in gray niches, you can get an excellent result that won’t keep you waiting long. Our affiliates received a profit of $ 4,321 in just two weeks. Perhaps you can do it faster?

Just don’t forget to experiment. Tests are the key to success. Here we can see a rather soft approach to promo, but an aggressive one in SMS. In our opinion, if you use a more aggressive ad even cheaper leads might be squeezed out. The advantage of this approach is that you will be able to test different geos. Moreover, if you choose inexpensive geo, the cost of a lead will be way lower.

A separate point is to highlight the SMS-Routes that were used. Our advice: choose a high-quality contractor for sending SMS, so that ultimately your SMS-delivery rate will be as high as possible. If you have any doubts about the contractor (Router) — feel free to reach out to us, we will be happy to help and share the contacts of the proven ones.

High ROI is just around the corner;)

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