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In today’s case, I will tell you about the result of work on Tier-1 geo, namely, GB. The offer we have is pure gold, not just an offer! Already legendary - TikTok.

I’ve heard very often about a so-called shaving machine regarding TikTok, but I strongly disagree with this statement.

Let’s look at the results on the example of a popunder campaign.

Traffic type: Popunder CPA from Adsterra

Affiliate network: Adsterra CPA Network

Offer to advertise: All traffic Utility


Time period: 01.07.22 - 31.07.22

Spent: 3377.5$

Income: 4342.5$

Profit: 965$

ROI: 28,5%

Choosing an offer

Long search on aggregators allowed me to collect several versions of the offer, but I payed attention to the following:

1. The network itself: if I see one word about shaving, I don’t even try;
2. Watch your rate carefully. The higher the rate the lower the capping, the higher the shaving. You can run into serious KPIs or an advertiser refusing to pay for traffic;
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Vertical: Utility
  • Device format: Mobile
  • OS type: Android
  • Restrictions: no incent, no fraud , no bot
  • Payment for each install - $8
Screenshot of the final landing:



Popunder is considered as one of the most popular and old formats on the market, which has long proven itself as one the most efficient, regardless of the vertical. But it has a small catch and subtleties that need to be timely dealt with. I will speak about them later.

I have a pre-formed blacklists for each geo, which include a list of sites that basically don’t give me conversions and consume a large amount of traffic. I form them in advance to spend less time later optimizing sites and a campaign.

When setting CPA bids it is important to consider the complexity and subtleties of the auction system, the principle of which exists in a large number of networks. The traffic should be evenly distributed, so that the balance doesn’t outweigh in any direction.
Thus I go into the network with a $3.5 bid per install on GB.

It is important to recognize that geo is quite expensive and requires attention. I would especially like to pay your attention to the ad set limits for a campaign and also to carefully check the advertiser’s status for the conversions rejected from a particular source, for they may not meet KPIs.


As I said earlier, there are a lot of advertisers who have a TikTok offer - it is important to choose wisely and take into account many factors. One of them is allowed creatives.

Most advertisers try to work openly, hoping that their colorful and beautifully designed creatives will attract the audience attention and guarantee a high conversion rate. This is the mistake of an advertiser who doesn’t know his audience well and also doesn’t understand that his product is very popular even without ads.

At the moment, I know several advertisers who let try an offer and use there creatives with mild nudity. In addition, it is important not to divide traffic into categories but to launch them at once. In this case, the performance will be at a height.

Since I use popunder traffic, I risk running into sites that will have a high CTR and conversions next to nothing. In this case, I need to protect myself by using prelanders that will save me from unnecessary incomplete conversions (there are such metrics in AppsFlyer, it’s very painful to see them) and from potential bot traffic.

The best way to save yourself from routine work is to rotate prelanders if you have the time and opportunity for this.

Here are some examples of prelanders (some of them are vertical because our device format is mobile):




As I said earlier: the main thing is to develop a system through which you will work with different ad formats. In my case, a blacklist of sites is always at hand and I use it if I work with popunder format.

Be sure to set a test limit not to go into the red. Usually I set a test limit based on the advertiser’s test capping (yep, in a perfect world we all make it in one day). This approach often allows us to take a small time-out and take a deep breath, in case if it is necessary to optimize the campaign or if something won’t work out for the advertiser.

Take advantage of platform features. I stop using a whitelist if I understand that, according to statistics, it is beneficial for me to increase a bid for the best performing placements. If you make a whitelist, you distribute the same spending on all good sites, but there are drawdowns, a low conversion rate etc.

Custom bidding helps to even things up and spend just as much as is required from this site.

You should pay attention to KPI the advertiser sets. Keep a close eye on a funnel, if a user doesn’t reach a certain step there may be a technical issue or your creatives are not too good.
Post optimization
Overall: $3.5 bid; Android, version 4.4, all browsers

Screenshot of the final settings:


Screenshot from a tracker:

Total spent at Adsterra for all days: 3377.5$.

Income 4342.5$.

Profit 965$.

ROI 128.5%

As you can see from the case, working with Tier-1 geo is expensive, painful, and difficult. Given the amount of traffic that I received during last month, I was in the black because the spending was large. It was a conscious move, that’s why it’s not a problem.

The offer gives conversions, but it is necessary to follow closely the quality of creatives, optimize the campaign, and immediately add to the blacklists.

In addition, I can tell about KPI, in the results I deducted about 150 incomplete conversions, to which I referred earlier. If you don’t trust your traffic source, it is better to ignore the offer with KPI.

The traffic flow seems to be successful, it might be possible to achieve the ideal with a larger budget and more time, but so far it’s just a dream.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy your profits!

Traffic and offers

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