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Adsterra Push

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Buy High-quality Push Traffic Here! Fast and Safe.
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Adsterra Push
Looking for a smart advertising platform that offers various ad formats?

Adsterra network is one viable option. Boasting of having more than 30 billion impressions per month worldwide, this performance-based network is a good choice for those who want to improve brand awareness and earn more from affiliate offers.

Their payment models vary on the type of ad format you are using. It can either be CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPO, and PPI. RTB is available too!

Adsterra Ad Formats

Adsterra offers several ad formats for you to choose from. These are:


Check them all our here!

Social Bar (includes In-Page Push Notifications)
Social Bar inherits all advantages of display and in-page push ads. Unlike web push, it doesn’t require subscriptions: ads are delivered to all browsers and OS, including iOS. Ad creatives look like native notifications, widgets, icons, chats, but they won’t be blocked by browsers.

- Native notifications
- Social media elements
- Multimedia
- Data collection
- Action-boosting tweaks

Video Ads (VAST)
This one plays before the user is able to watch the content he or she actually wants to view. However, the user will be allowed to skip the ad after 10 seconds, so it would be best if you can make your video ad not only short but also catchy.

One of the most common ad types, this one opens up a separate browser underneath the main browser when the user visits the publisher’s website or clicks on the page. It does not disrupt the user’s activities and will only show up once the user closes the main browser.

You can also use Adsterra ads popunders for retargeting your customers.

Display Banners
One of the oldest ad formats, this is still effective, especially for brand awareness. This is available for both desktop and mobile.

Native Advertisement
An ad format that integrates into your website content like it's always been there. Utilizes CPM model.

Direct Links
Links within a website’s content gets a lot of clicks to an advertiser’s landing page. If you are looking to drive high volume to your offer at an affordable rate, this is a good option.

New Optimization Tools

Adsterra has recently released two new campaign optimization tools, which are:

- SmartCPM — is a pricing model that automatically adjusts bids for each ad placement depending on the competition. You spend less when there's no need to bid higher while never jumping over the payout cap you set.
- CPA Goal — will automatically unlink placements that get flagged by criteria you set, either eCPA or the number of conversions. Works with CPM and CPC campaigns.

Adsterra Smart Targeting

This traffic network provides several ways for you to filter through their quality traffic and target only specific users. Their smart targeting includes:
  1. Geo & Language
  2. Browser & Operating System
  3. Device Format & Vendor
  4. 3G/Wifi Targeting & Mobile Carriers
  5. Day & Time
  6. Keywords & Cookies
  7. Blacklists/ Whitelists
  8. User activity

Adsterra Payment Methods

Adsterra accepts payment mainly via credit card and Paxum. You can also deposit funds via Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether and wire transfer; however, you would have to get in touch with your account manager first.

Adsterra minimum deposit is $100.

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Adsterra traffic is easy to use, high quality traffic, the partner care approach is very friendly and helpful!

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