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Adsterra Popunders

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Adsterra Popunders
If you’re looking for an ad format that is guaranteed to have huge traffic volume, one of your best bets is popunder traffic. And if you’re going to send pop traffic to your offers, you might as well start with a solid network that has been around for several years now, such as Adsterra.

Adsterra is a multi-ad format network. Launched in 2013, it is now a huge ad network that delivers more than 30 billion ad impressions every month across all its ad formats. This traffic comes from more than 21,000 direct publishers, spanning 248 countries.

Pops was the very first ad format they worked with, so it would be safe to say that they are now an expert when it comes to popunders.


Adsterra Popunders

Personal Account Manager
Every marketer has a unique advertising need. Adsterra understands that you need to follow a tailored approach to marketing your own business or even when promoting affiliate offers. This is why they assign a personal account manager to assist you in navigating the system and building your campaigns.

Two Account Management Types
There are two ways for media buyers to run pop under ads in this platform, and these are:
  1. Adsterra Managed account - this allows you to focus more on other aspects of your marketing. You can discuss your needs, goals, and budget with your manager, and they will handle the rest.
  1. Adsterra SSP - this is the self-service platform that allows you to have full control over your campaigns. This is very useful for affiliates who want to be able to optimize their campaigns in their own time and base their decisions exactly on their own metrics.
The advantage of using the SSP is that the process of starting a campaign is faster. There is no need to discuss every single detail with an account manager. The interface is simple enough, making ad-creation an effortless feat.

Smart Targeting
The most effective way to find the right audience for your campaign is to target appropriately. However, not all platforms have the means to segment the traffic. Thankfully, Adsterra uses a smart targeting system to help advertisers weed through the haystack and find the right users for their ads.

The following are the ways for you to target the right viewers:
  • Geolocation - whether you want to target a specific country, region, state, or even city, you can do so.
  • Language - this filter is very useful if you have ads that are written in a different language so that your creatives match that of the user’s.
  • Device and Vendor - you can choose between desktop and mobile. After you choose a device to advertise on, you can further filter down the brand. This is very useful for offers that have specific device requirements.
  • Operating System - if you opt for desktop traffic, you can choose between Windows or Mac. If you go for mobile traffic, the options are Android, iOS, and other mobile OS.
  • Browser - your options are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more.
  • Connection type - if you opt to target mobile devices, you are also given a choice between WiFi or carrier traffic.
  • Day and Time - you can choose which days of the week and what specific time of day your ad would run.
  • Keywords - this is one of the most important ways to target popunder traffic. This allows you to target users that are already interested in a specific niche or topic, increasing the likelihood of conversion. It is also possible to blacklist a keyword that you deem inappropriate for your ad.
Turn prospects into buyers by targeting them deeper into the funnel. This involves a two-fold process.

First, you must run an initial campaign for your target market. Once your audience views the ad, a cookie will be placed on their computers. This cookie contains information on the users’ interactions with your landing page (for example, adding to cart but not continuing with the purchase). Because of the cookie, that specific user can be targeted again.

Next, you can then move them along the conversion funnel by sending them ads that would either deepen or renew their interest. This way, you can bring them back to your offer and prompt them to move further along the funnel.

Additional Campaign Options
Aside from smart targeting and retargeting, you can also make your ad campaign more effective by setting limits on the following:
  • Frequency capping
  • Impression count
  • Budget limit
  • Blacklist
  • Whitelist
  • IP range
Fraud Detection System
Adsterra uses a combination of in-house fraud trackers and third party detection systems to thwart bots. These systems analyze the bounce rate, quality, and other behaviors of the traffic to effectively qualify whether they are real or not. This gives advertisers the confidence that they’ll receive real traffic 99% of the time.

Multiple Pricing Models
You can utilize any of the available pricing models in Adsterra, depending on your needs. The most common ones are CPC, CPM, and CPA. If you enable conversion tracking, you can use CPI, CPL, or CPS.

Conversion Tracking
Adsterra makes it possible to connect your tracker or your affiliate network to their platform so that conversions are properly monitored. There are three variations of postback URLs that advertisers can use, and these are:
  1. Simple Postback - this URL passes the click information (click ID).
  2. Simple Postback with Payout variable - as the name implies, this includes the payout value.
  3. Complex Postback - this is very much like the Simple Postback with Payout variable, except that this one includes a currency conversion. This works great for those who work with currencies other than US dollars.
Real-Time Statistics
Since popunder traffic has a lot of volume, a single source can easily eat up your budget. It is therefore important that you are able to monitor the performance of your campaign in real-time. This allows you to make decisions and perform appropriate optimizations immediately.

Adsterra Deposit Options

This ad network accepts payment via credit card, Paxum, Webmoney, Payoneer, YandexMoney, Bitcoin, ePayments, Ecoin, and wire transfer. The minimum deposit amount is $100.

🚀 Adsterra is a part of the affLIFT community. Check out some of these awesome example campaigns!
If you have any questions you can post them on the official Adsterra thread or message @Adsterra 👍

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Latest Comment

Adsterra is one of the traffic sources I hear recommended the most from my friends. 😍

When I get some new offers and prepare to expand traffic, I always try Adsterra first. Next I am going to invest more money in it. I mainly buy mainstream pop traffic, and I will gradually try more advertising types in the future.

In order to pass Adsterra's deposit verification, I specifically applied for a passport. It took some time, but it was all worth it. If you deposit using cryptocurrency, no verification is required.

The partners at adsterra are very enthusiastic and often provide me with a lot of help.
I also like their offers wishlist. I always get information about offers from it.

If you haven't tried it yet, why not start today?😉

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I've found that Adsterra's popunder ad format is one of the best traffic sources for me. I've generated good numbers with them and highly recommend it

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