Imagine having the opportunity to learn from the finest minds in your industry—truly invaluable, isn't it?

In this post, we present a treasured compilation of three interviews conducted by Adsterra's team during recent global events.

1. Inga Jokinen, Adsterra's CPA Network Team Lead, Reveals Exclusive Tips & Tricks for Success in Affiliate Marketing

Are you curious about becoming one of Adsterra's top affiliates and reaping the rewards? Look no further as Inga Jokinen kicks off our mini-marathon of video interviews, sharing everything you need to know about maximizing your earnings in affiliate marketing.

In this interview, you'll discover:
  • The most lucrative verticals
  • Highly profitable GEOs (including valuable insights on Africa)
  • The most effective traffic types
  • Flexible payment terms and other essential conditions to consider for your success.

2. Insights from Adsterra's Head of CPM/CPC: Unveiling Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Trends

In just under 10 minutes, gain a wealth of pure insights from Adsterra's Head of CPM/CPC, Mikhail Zhukov. Dive into the latest trends, including the development of programmatic advertising and the growing significance of mobile optimization, all expertly presented.

Key points covered in this interview:
  • Adsterra's most profitable verticals
  • Recommended industry conferences
  • Strategies to boost traffic without increasing bids
  • Creating effective black and white Lists
  • Hacks for scaling and optimizing campaigns, and so much more!

3. Valuable Insights into Digital Advertising: Best Practices and Strategies from Adsterra's RTB Expert, Daria Babyak

And finally, but certainly not least, enjoy some powerful and insightful interview featuring Adsterra's real-time bidding expert, Daria Babyak, conducted by host Jitendra Vaswani, CEO at DigiExe's Post. The primary focus of their discussion revolves around digital advertising.

Main points that will be covered in this interview:
  • Best practices for effective advertising
  • Strategies for running successful ad campaigns
  • Up-to-date industry trends

Those interviews take much of your time, however we guarantee you won't regret a single second of it. So sit back, enjoy, leave your comments, and if for any reason you haven't already, consider joining:

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