While many search engines frown on affiliate marketing through ad revenue, Bing does not. In fact, it allows users to put affiliate links inside ads and with nearly 20% of the total search volume worldwide and nearly a third in the United States, Bing Ads is a valuable resource for affiliate marketers who know how to set up and use advertising links effectively.

Maximizing click-through rates (CTR)

One of the easiest ways to make sure your CTR (click-through rate) is high and your CPC (cost-per-click) with your search engine marketing campaigns stays low is to create a separate ad group for each keyword. Why? It ensures that users who search for a particular keyword will only see the ads you want them to see. When you include too many keywords per ad, you run the risk of more clicks without conversions.

If you’ve already launched ads with multiple keywords, it’s not too late to course correct. Take a look at which ads are performing well and which have a high CPC. Delete the ads that aren’t attracting the right audience and start over, using the strategy of a 1:1 ad group and keyword relationship. Remember to pause periodically to validate ad performance, regardless of the strategy you use. Don’t let underperforming ads go on unchecked.

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Start making money with Bing Ads

While there are several ways to create revenue through affiliate marketing, the fastest is redirecting web traffic to affiliate offers. The key is in a smooth transition between your ad and your landing page. The first step is uniformity. If the tone of your ad matches the content on your landing page, it will build credibility with your audience and make them more likely to buy.

Secondly, make sure the keywords you use are directly aligned with the product or service you are trying to promote. In doing so, you’ll improve your Bing Ads quality score and elevate the effectiveness of your ads.

Third, if you’re using visuals in your ad copy, make sure they are professional and relevant to your landing page. Poor graphics scream of spam and are off-putting to web searchers.

Once you’ve perfected the tone, appearance, and content of your ads, consider taking the highest-performing ads and retargeting them on other platforms. By showing your ad on multiple platforms, you’ll boost brand recognition and reach your audience multiple places.

Tracking your progress

The work doesn’t end once your ads are in place. To get the best results from affiliate marketing efforts, you’ll need to look at a variety of factors and make adjustments along the way. You already know to check your CTR for each keyword and eliminate keywords that aren’t performing well. Next, make sure your bids align with the keywords that are performing the best. Finally, take a look at your quality score for each keyword. The higher the quality score, the more likely that ad is to appear at the top of search results.

Affiliate marketing with Bing Ads is an effective way to make money from ad revenue, but it takes planning and continued attention. With equal parts art and science, you’ll find the right recipe to start seeing impressive results with your ads.

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