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Case Study What creatives work better on Snapchat? Case study from our team.

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Apr 7, 2022

We thought it would be cool to share our experience of testing ads with the community. There’s nothing better than sharing knowledge, gaining insight and hearing hilarious comments, right =). So stay tuned and we’ll update this thread every week.

The scenario: we tested a Dating.com offer with our Internal buying team, and already have something to share. We have both positive and negative cases to show you.

The details: $5k and 1 week to test
Brand: Dating.com
Geo: US
Audience: Male, Female
Device: iOS
The angle: today’s theme is what type of creatives work better on Snapchat? Is it Native? Or Stock perfection?
The hypothesis: We wanted to check the theory that people are tired of advertising and pictures. They already have banner blindness, so if we want to make it viral we need smth new. The ad needs to stop people scrolling; if we get attention then we make money.
We started testing 2 types of creatives.

1. Created from Stock:


2. Native/live:


The idea was to show people their “friends”: by scrolling the feed we want them to stop and say, “Oh wow, she looks like my
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