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The Hottest Gambling&Betting Affiliate Programs With +30% Payout Increase



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Feb 12, 2020

The gambling&betting industry is thriving!​

And we know what makes it even more appealing for you as an affiliate - money!

You asked - we did it. A 30% payout increase* for the best gambling&betting offers is already here!

Let’s take a look at some insights and explore the list of great affiliate programs where you can achieve your best conversions
and maximize your income potential in 2023:

Gambling&Betting: stats and facts

  • The global gambling&betting market value more than doubled in 10 years, from US$20.51 billion in 2009 to US$55.10 billion in 2019. And yes, while the world was still in the middle of the pandemic back in 2021, the market size of the casino and online gambling industry worldwide reached a total of US$61.5bn.​
  • By 2028 the market is expected to reach USD 114.4 billion.​

Market size of the online gambling and betting industry worldwide in 2021, with a forecast for 2028 (in billion U.S. dollars)
Source: Statista

  • The top 5 markets for gambling are UK, US, Australia, Italy, France, Brazil and Southeast Asia. And while North America and Europe are not newbies here, Brazil and the Southeast Asia region are the GEOs which have recently stepped up on the stage​


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