Follow Along Survey Pops - FA Contest

Golden Goose


Super Contributor
Dec 10, 2018
I have decided to join the contest since I am already running small tests here and there with these survey offers. Why not make an extra $50 and get to learn more and expediting the learning process. I hope I can spend the $50 requirement to win the prize.😁

Source: Zeropark
Offer: Finance Survey Offer
GEO: Worlwide

I have actually launched a few campaigns already testing the domain redirect traffic of Zeropark. I have a few GEO running but today I have launched in a few more GEOs.

My strategy will be to bid the minimum required by Zeropark which is 0.001. I will try to run in as wide GEO as possible using the minumum bid. Let's see how this goes, I will update in a day or two.
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