Should Community Leaders Win Prize Money?



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Apr 17, 2018
During @DEADZ interview I published this week, the topic of whether or not Community Leaders should be allowed to win prizes from our contests. If you haven't read the interview and discussion yet, check it out:

DEADZ and I have an open conversation about the Community Leaders participating in the contests. Whether or not they are included in the prizes, I still want them to participate since I think leading by example is the best way to lead and that's why they're here :)

I don't want to influence the vote so I will leave it at that. Please read through the discussion and feel free to ask any questions below. I am going to leave the poll open for 2 weeks.

I would appreciate you voting for whether you think Community Leaders should be included in the prize pool for contests. We all value your opinion and I appreciate you sharing it 👍

If the majority of the community says they should not be included in prizes, then that is what we will do :)

Onward and upward
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