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Push Notification Ad Targeting Options



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May 7, 2018
There isn't much targeting available for advertisers on push notifications. So for that reason, offers that have a broad appeal tend to do the best.

Most of the available traffic comes from the Chrome browser, but users with Android Browser, Firefox, Samsung Browser, Yandex Browser, and Opera Browser can also receive the notifications.

Apple hasn't implemented a feature in its operating system for mobile iOS users to receive push notification ads yet, but it's supposedly in the works. Desktop iOS users can receive notifications through one of the supported browsers.

Most of the traffic that you can buy is Android or Windows.

Mobile and desktop traffic prices can vary significantly, so it's generally best to target them in separate campaigns with different bids. This can also be the case with WiFi and 3G traffic.

Language targeting is supported by many advertising networks, which can help you more effectively deliver your messages. The user's browser language setting determines the language. Sometimes targeting the less spoken languages can have an excellent ROI, but there won't be much traffic available.

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