What's Important in a Push Notification Ad?



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May 7, 2018
Push notifications consist of a small square image, a headline, a longer body text, and a larger image, depending on the browser and device.

Note: Zeropark doesn't support the large image. However, it's nothing to worry about, as I rarely use the big image in other ad networks when supported; It slows down testing.


The most important elements of your advertisement to optimize will be the smaller image and the headline of your advertisement, as they will have the most impact on click-through and conversion rates.

Because users that receive the advertisements have to subscribe to get the ads, they differ from other ad formats where someone would simply be browsing a website and getting shown an ad. Due to this, users that have been subscribed to the ads for a shorter time tend to have the most engagement (CTR and CVR). The longer a user has been subscribed (and the more push ads they've been exposed to), they naturally become less engaged and interested in the messages.

Ad networks are constantly adding new subscribers to their databases to keep the user bases fresh so their advertisers can continue
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