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Apr 17, 2018
I found a winner ๐Ÿš€

I have been posting in the chat about a campaign I've been working on this week and decided to finally create a follow along for it :)


This follow along will be a bit more secretive than some of the others I have done because I really don't want 30,000 people to steal this campaign (yet). This campaign has been a fun project for a few reasons:

1. It's in a GEO I've had a lot of success in over the past few months, but is outperforming those other campaigns by quite a bit (practice makes perfect).

2. It's using a variation of my survey lander that I posted.

3. The offer I am running has a pretty low cap, but I can potentially scale this to $1-2k/day I think so I am trying to cap it out daily right now and hopefully the quality is good enough that I can get more cap and really scale.

So, first, here is censored look at the landing page:


Just a few changes from the original. CTR is really good though. It's all about the angle. Make sure you tie your angle from your
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