Follow Along PPV vs Mobipium PNSL (Rematch)

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Hi,thank you for your sharing ,it's very helpful.
By the way, Are there any new changes in current revenue?
Can you recommend which geos to test? due to COVID-19 ,Italy performed poorly on push.
Does the price change a lot of Mobipium PNSL? due to this, maybe I will try test evadav pnsl with CPA price.
Really great follow along @Jimmy!
Do you think this method is still applicable?

Unfortunately, this just isn't something you could do these days. This was a fun campaign back in the day, but the world of push notification smartlink offers has changed a lot since then. The main geo I was promoting in this campaign was South Africa and my payout per conversion was fluctuating around $0.04. These days, you're going to be lucky to get a payout of $0.01 for anything and most of the time it'll be around $0.001, which is 4000% lower than it was a few years ago.