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Oct 24, 2019

Companies within every industry are constantly balancing their clients’ needs, and this is especially true within the affiliate marketing industry. CPA networks are faced with a special type of balancing act when working to satisfy both the needs of their marketers and affiliate partners. While the needs of marketers and affiliate partners are different, their end goals are the same – to convert as many genuine customers as possible.

Their journey to achieving this goal is interdependent on one another. Marketers want to achieve their KPIs by driving qualified leads, traffic, or conversions to their offers. In order for affiliates to be able to drive that traffic, they need the technology that allows them to properly track and scale their business, insight into which offers may best suit their traffic, and strong account managers who are able to collaborate with them to optimize offers. These traits and the others we’ll discuss in this article are what set great CPA networks apart from the rest.

Account Management & Transparency​

A great affiliate or account manager can be hard to come by. Not only does this manager need to understand the industry at large, but
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