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Follow Along #PA23 Back to School

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Apr 27, 2020
Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my follow along. Here are some details of my first campaign for the follow along.

Traffic: Propellerads Pops (using CPA Goal bidding to start)
Landing Page: Customized Sweeps Lander
Offer: Testing various pin submits mainly from Golden Goose and Monetizer
Additional Monetization: Collecting push subs (Monetizer) and using Backunder (to Zeydoo surveys)

I actually started this campaign a few days ago but it fits this contest so I will use it here. The overall stats so far:


The top campaign is the main campaign, the second one is backunder traffic. There is also $2.49 in push revenue from my landing page push collection plus $1.38 in push revenue from one of the offers on Monetizer. That puts me at -34% ROI so far which is not bad for a campaign that is only a few days old.

I have duplicated the campaign 5 times already and the only optimization has been cutting bad offers (main and backunder) and cutting a couple of browsers that were really underperforming. Considering the minimal optimization and ROI at -34%
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