Follow Along #PA10k 🔘Complete beginner,☕️ first impression



Mar 30, 2022
👋Welcome to everyone in this community that only offers success !
  • My zero point was from here, I was able to obtain information with High quality accuracy, and since the beginning is where the others ended, here there is the experience of the most efficient marketers, and I did not find this anywhere else.
  • I cannot name the people I learned from so as not to forget anyone. Salute to the great elite here , thank you.


  • How did I start ?
    1. Buying a domain.
    2. Buy hosting.
    3. Join an Affiliate Marketing (Pay per day or per week)
    4. Join an traffic Source
    5. To see what's going on you have to join a tracker

According to many studies, reading and recommendations, it was found that it is an average of $100 as a test for sweepstake,
What made me choose this type is not because I have a background or experience or
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