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Need advice to get GREEN..



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Jan 30, 2019

I need some tips.

I've figured out how to run almost anything I need to do successfully except get green campaigns.
I've run pop, push, native, banner and always wind up with a few conversions and then dies off before I get the data.
All my post backs work as needed. It can only be a few things holding me up.

Daily budget too low - I use 20-50 usd.

Campaign budget too low - I use unlimited.

Account balance too low - Typically I have 100-300 usd in a traffic source.

Bid too low - I think it's this one! I usually bid 10-15% over recommended bid. I loose all of the best traffic. Should I go MAX bid and 'take' the best traffic?

Landers - I usually use quality network landers, but I can build from scratch and upload into bemob with my click url.
If I'm running push or native, I would direct link from the ad to a network lander. Carrier billing, no lander. Smart link, no lander.

What do I need to fix? I gots some cash for traffic lol.


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