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May 18, 2019
Hello dear Affriends!

I work with Social traffic since 2014 (I have a monetization network on Facebook), and I start working with Mgid in 2021 to date:


A few months ago I decided to try to monetize traffic directly with Nutra's advertisers (AC, D.C etc).... So I developed and launched my own Native Ads company.

This is the native advertising platform I have developed (publisher dashboard view):

(Native platform sync with Facebook network, screenshot of the dashboard is a publisher account, ads are displayed on the FB network so no Website Add required, but anyone with Website and traffic can add and monetize)

Initially I created the platform just to monetize traffic from my Facebook network, but then I decided to develop it for everyone who have traffic. It basically combines native advertising + CPL into one business model, and the platform works very well, there are many ad unit formats available:

Recommendations format:

Ad units can be displayed by category priority, e.g. Skin Care: it will be displayed first and then campaigns from other categories.

Push in-page format:

Chat simulation format:

I have +10 more formats to implement.

So I do some tests and start
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