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Follow Along My longest running campaign - Goodbye CPA goal



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Nov 24, 2021
Last month I decided to finally test @dood's optimizer script so I've setup a simple smartCPM in-page push campaign on September 21st just to see how it works. I didn't do much beside testing a few different offers in the background. The campaign is close to profits in the last 10 days. Mostly Mvas, smartlinks and a few surveys.





And here are my rules:


What I like:
  • I see some great potential with this kind of setup!
  • Traffic is so stable unlike the constant ups & downs of CPA goal (gambling) campaigns.
  • The optimizer is doing all the hard work on autopilot!
  • I don't have to send back any conversion data.
  • I can see this easily scaled to 50- 100 similar autopilot campaigns, each making $1-5/day profits
  • Data is very similar to the beginner's course but better thanks to propellerad's superior traffic quality.

What I don't like:
  • CPA Goal campaigns.
My future plans:

I'll now start testing more landers/angles/offers on the fly in this campaign because I have this very constant flow of incoming cheap traffic and I
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