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Aug 9, 2022
Hey guys, nice to join this community! feels so clear and informational.

I'm Jason, the owner of MaxConv tracker, which is an ultimate cloud-based affiliate marketing tracker, besides common tracking functionality such as ruled-based flow tracking, funnel tracking, redirectless tracking...etc, MaxConv comes with many useful and unique features


1. Anti-Fraud. MaxConv detects datacenters traffic by IP's ASN, we collected 720+ datacenters ASN, if our system found an IP ASN belongs to any one of them, the system flag it, MaxConv also detect web crawler and bot, they are flagged too. Besides, MaxConv provides two metrics to help you measuring your traffic: Time to bounce (TTB) and Time to convert (TTC), for more details, please check:

2. Google ads / Tiktok / Facebook integration, 4 steps to authorize your ads account, then MaxConv can send conversions to these platforms, and also sync campaigns cost data to the tracker. Besides, you can check remote campaigns status and pause/active it from within tracker.

3. Fly link, your campaign link become url like: You can associate any campaign to this link so you can reduce
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