Interstitial Ads from PropellerAds



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Apr 17, 2018
Anyone testing Interstitial Ads from PropellerAds? I've been so focused on push and pops that I've pretty much ignored interstitial and based on the CPCs, I am guessing everyone else is too:


There is not as much traffic volume with interstitial, but you can presell with your own banner creative and the CPCs are super low so why aren't we all taking advantage of this?

My assumption based on the charts is that the min CPC is $0.003 and most GEOs are currently sitting at that CPC. That means there's not much competition (yet). The creatives are easy to setup an they give you a few templates to work with:


Here's an example of the traffic chart from yesterday for a VERY popular push GEO with a specific carrier set:


I'll likely setup a follow along soon for an interstitial campaign. Are you running them? If not, sign up for PropellerAds
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