Guide How to Track ProPush Subscriptions in Your Tracker with Custom Conversions



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May 7, 2018
Recently I’ve had a few people approach me asking how to track ProPush subscriptions in your tracker. I don’t think we have a guide specifically for that, however, there are a few guides on the forum that can be pieced together to make this work.

Since it’s not exactly clear which guides you need unless you know about all of the content on the forum, I thought it could be a good idea to make a thread that pieces these guides together so you can track your push subscribers in your tracker.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to see in your tracker how many people are allowing or denying the push prompt from ProPush. Since most people use ProPush with the revenue share, you won’t be able to see how much revenue these subs have generated in your tracker, unfortunately.

Set Up ProPush​

If you’re new to ProPush, the first thing you will want to do is install the script on your landing page/domain. Here’s a video showing you step-by-step how to do that:

Configure Custom Conversion In BeMob​

I will use BeMob for this example, but the process should also be
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